Got Tents? Buffalo Brewers Festival Show Goes On!

The weather man has let us know (link) that while rain is likely tomorrow, it’s not going to be a complete rain out – there will be dry stretches throughout the day with chance of more intense conditions (which may or may not arrive at Canalside).   This is certainly not the ideal beer fest weather, but it’s also not expected to be the kind that cancels all plans.   As such the 5th Annual Buffalo Brewers Festival show will go on.  After all this is Buffalo and we don’t melt with a little rain.

To spite our hope to dodge demon rain, we are prepared for the worst and have set the up the festival to with optimal raincover in mind.   We will place breweries & vendors in two large tents, one the 40′ x 100′ Canalside VIP tent, a second is the 10 x 40 Farm to Pint Tent, and finally an added 40′ x 80′ brewers tent.   In between the two large tents is the area under the Skyway.  The net result of this is that most of the area where the festival will take place is either be under a large tent or under the Skyway.  As a result, though an umbrella is not a bad idea, we should have you covered.  For a closer look see the siteplan page (here) in addition to the image here below:



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