Weather Report: Buffalo Brewers Festival 2017

Western New York weather is always unpredictable, but that’s never held our residents back from having a good time! As we gear up for this Saturday’s Buffalo Brewers Festival at Buffalo’s Outer Harbor, thankfully no one will have to worry about weather being an issue as the local forecasts are showing clear skies and sunshine! Current forecasts call for 75 degrees and clear, sunny skies – the nicest day of the weekend!

However, we can never be too careful when it comes to Western New York’s uncertain weather, so the Brewers Fest will feature several large tents for guests to hang out in while they enjoy the finest beers the region has to offer! Rain or shine, the Brewers Fest has you covered!

Let’s take a look at the tents to be featured in this year’s festival:

Brewer’s Tent: The largest tent in the festival is the Brewer’s Tent, which hosts 25 local breweries stationed inside waiting for you to try a variety of delicious and refreshing locally brewed beers! Try a beer from your favorite local brewery or expand your horizons and experience all of the incredible beer our area has to offer!

Guest Brewers Tent: The Guest Brewers Tent will provide a bit of a change up from the local feel of the festival. Here you will find some of the best beers from breweries across New York State Southern Ontario. While we’re all about local pride here in Western New York, it never hurts to do a little exploring!

Cider Tent: Beer not your thing? Not to worry! Our cider tent is the perfect alternative to anyone who wants to do a little drinking outside of the beer realm. With ciders from some of the best mills New York State has to offer, we look forward to our guests getting the opportunity to enjoy fresh, unique takes on this refreshing drink!

Meet the Brewers Tent:  There will be two Meet the Brewers sessions at this year’s festival. Our first session will see Reverie Creamery paired with several local breweries. Our second with local chocolatier Thinking Elvish Fantasy Chocolates and several local breweries. Both sessions promise to be highly interactive and educational taste experiences not to be missed. Brought to you by Premier Gourmet and Chef Krista van Wagner.

Farm to Pint Tent: The huge Farm-to-Pint tent features beers made exclusively from local ingredients from area malt houses and hop farms. Several farm-to-pint beers will be featured in this fun and interactive experience, which will allow you to learn about where beer is grown, who grows it, and how it gets into your pint glass. This is really a learn by drinking extravaganza.

Tickets for the festival can be purchased online or at any of your local Consumers Beverages location, Aurora Brew Works or Premier Gourmet.

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